Wild Manta - Product Development, Palm Bay - Melbourne, Florida

Product/Systems Design, Software Development

Wild Manta builds companies, products, and systems from inspired ideas.
Building and export economy one product and company at a time.

Who is Wild Manta?

Wild Manta works collaboratively to develop products and systems for commercial or government customers. The main advantage of working with Wild Manta is our extensive experience that goes way beyond technical implementation. We cover from idea to distribution and all areas in-between. Ultimately, this means you get a better product, stronger sales, and happier customers. Our goal is to make every product you create wildly successful. We develop software-based systems, network devices, apps, physical products and companies from the ground up. We also work commercialization and helping to do business with the Government.


Great products are a fulfillment of a promise to your customer

Whether people are buying defense electronics, outdoor products, medical devices, power tools, or a new cell phone; people buy what they like from people and companies they trust. Your customers and your company will be no different. When you think of them first, you create disruptive and dominant products and services.


...But they also have to look good while doing it! We've developed many products including Bluetooth headsets, Medical Devices, Defense Electronics, Education, Sporting Goods Products, and even firearm accessories. We work with you to make them look their best while operating at the highest level.

Great products flow from a great company

Your company's culture is what tells the world who you are. Your products are just the proof of it. We want to understand you as well as your product or systems ideas. When we do, we are able to create a product that naturally belongs in your portfolio and is more marketable.


Even in the age of the Internet, we still make major purchases from people, not companies. The culture of your company is your brand. It is the reason people do business with you. Understanding this and forming a message around it makes your company and your products more appealing to customers and investors.

"Know your business and industry better than anyone else in the world. Love what you do or don't do it."

- M. Cuban

Products & Services

Here is a little bit about what we do at Wild Manta.


We Design

We design products and systems from the simple to complex networks

While we specialize in consumer products, we also develop products including integrated medical devices, and communications equipment, Government Systems, home gadgets, and outdoor products,.

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We Build

We create companies, products and systems using a method that inspires creativity within a company and accelerates development.

We hold nothing back at Wild Manta. We want to not only to create a prosperous company, but inspire a creative team that will enhance the culture of your company and the community.

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We Mentor

Our facility is always open to anyone that wants stop by and talk.

There are no closed doors at Wild Manta. We designed our facility with a professional hi-tech look and feel, but also to be welcoming and comforting. We even have an on-site cafe for snacks. It isn't just a development center. It's an environment where people come to innovate.